The training arm of Integral Vision exists to equip believers, sent by their local church, to fulfill cross-cultural church planting and associated ministries.

Our program is:

  • Relationship-centred
  • Culture-Derived
  • Comprehension-Based
  • Self-Motivated
  • Learner-Adapted

Effective ministry will be built on good, genuine relationships. Students need to develop skills and effective practices to establish and maintain relationships through all they do.

“Culture-Derived” does NOT simply mean that you are supposed to learn “about the culture” or “the cultural way to say things”, or even to learn “the cultural things to say”. Being culture-derived is genuinely immersing oneself in the heart culture and language of the people, so that clear communication can be forthcoming when the gospel is presented and for the maturing of the church.

What we teach is not simply a list of facts to be memorised. It is knowledge and skills acquired by the very act of trying to comprehend or understand. Our goal is to do whatever is necessary to enable students to fully comprehend and understand the material in the course and to see this practically lived out in their lives.

Motivation, discipline, setting goals, flexibility, creativity, dedication, and the willingness to work hard are essential characteristics for students to be successful learners. No amount of instruction, strategies or techniques will help if students don’t diligently apply themselves on a daily basis.

Each learner is an individual and every situation is unique. Our program is flexible to fit the student and the unique circumstances they may face. We specialize in small class sizes and personalized training.

Access Truth has graciously allowed us to use their curriculum as we train missionaries for cross-cultural ministry. Missionary training through S.E.E. Africa is done in modules through correspondence, in small class settings or through person-to-person discipleship.

Our students study ten modules, beginning with Foundational Bible Teaching which takes students through the Bible, starting with Creation and going through to Christ’s return. The students then go on to study missions, communication, culture and language acquisition, and much more to help them become equipped to minister across cultures. The complete program generally takes 18 months if the student studies 10 hours or more each week. Click here to download the complete syllabus for the S.E.E. training program.

For more information about Integral Vision’s missionary training with S.E.E Africa contact us here and be sure to let us know how we can best connect with you.